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Two Killer Positioning statements for Your Property Management Sales Strategy

Branding plays a significant role in your success as a business professional. As you develop your company, creating a consistent brand presentation may increase your revenue by as much as 23%. There’s no question that crafting your brand’s image can have a massive impact on success and sales, but how do you go about doing that?

One way you can improve your brand presentation is through the use of a positioning statement. The perfect positioning statement is an amalgamation of several factors (which we’ll discuss below) and serves as both an internal and external marketing tool. 

Integrating Positioning Statements into Your Property Management Sales Strategy

What is a Positioning Statement?  

In many cases, a positioning statement is viewed as an internal tool that a business uses in order to ensure their marketing efforts are aligned with their brand. Those who work one-on-one with clients sometimes leverage their positioning statements when they work with leads, as well.

The ideal positioning statement is brief. It should include descriptions of:

  • The product or service you’re selling
  • Your target market
  • How your product or service meets some need of the target market

Essentially, your positioning statement should serve as a concise rundown of how whatever you’re selling addresses a need that your target market (or persona) is struggling to meet. This statement is critical to strengthening your brand and selling your products or services. 

How to Utilize Positioning Statements  

Your positioning statements should be used both internally and, in the case of those selling directly to clients, externally. A positioning statement geared for use with clients will likely be more compelling and less-detailed than one created solely for internal use within a large company.

If you’re a property manager who’s looking to boost their sales strategy, your primary use for positioning statements will be during client interactions. You can also utilize positioning statements as hooks for various means of marketing– the two that we highlight below would be excellent as the opening line of an email or newsletter.

2 Killer Positioning Statements for Your Property Management Sales Strategy

“Our current clients often think about making the jump into being a landlord, but don’t feel they have enough time to manage it themselves. Does that sound like you?”

This statement contributes a lot of effort towards moving a client through the sales funnel. Beginning with “our current clients” before leading into a roadblock to purchasing implies that you’ve worked through this issue with leads before. If other clients have gotten over their reservations, why shouldn’t this one?

Next, a problem is presented– leads want to become landlords, but don’t think they have the time it takes to do the job. In today’s world, everybody feels pressed for time. This problem is rampant and relatable; that translates to a positioning statement that can apply to just about anyone.

The question following the statement calls the reader or listener to action. They’re prompted to take a look at their own line of thought and assess what’s holding them back from taking the plunge. 

“Many of our current clients used to find themselves managing their own tenants, but couldn’t provide the level of services needed to keep tenants happy. Does this resonate with you?”

This alternate positioning statement is excellent to have on hand for leads who may have been through the property management ringer already. You need to consider that not every potential client is clueless or uninitiated– they may have just had bad luck in your sector previously.

The statement is compelling, strong, and concise. The question at the end calls the lead to think and a common pain point for property managers is honestly and openly addressed.

If you want to learn more about how a killer positioning statement can improve your property management sales strategy, give our team a call today. Our staff is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about helping you reach your sales goals; and, for those looking for tools to help them out along the way, we’ve got killer sales email templates designed to help property managers increase their bottom line. 

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