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Top 6 Trends For Low Cost Landscaping In 2018

Top 6 Trends For Low Cost Landscaping In 2018:

First impressions are everything when it comes to rental homes. Quality landscaping is vital to the curb appeal and the first impression that a home will make when a potential tenant comes to view the property. Making a good first impression can often be the difference between gaining or losing a tenant, even before they set foot into the indoor space.

However, quality landscaping can also be very expensive and eat into a good portion of the landlord’s profits. The key to avoid this? Tasteful landscaping that is done at a low cost to the landlord.

For 2018, the following are 6 low cost landscaping trends that are taking hold and capturing the interest of potential tenants:

  • Adding Some Mulch Beds: Adding a few mulch beds to the landscape of your rental home gives the home a fresh, clean look. Mulch is a low-cost option as it doesn’t have to be cut like grass or watered like vegetation. All that it needs is a simple change each spring to keep it fresh. Being relatively inexpensive makes it a bonus in addition to it adding a nice touch the front of your home. Many people also enjoy the pleasant aroma that it gives off in the yard.


  • Plant Some Lavender: Lavender offers an amazing aroma while also being a low-maintenance plant only needing watering once or twice a week. It will also come back year after year, which saves you from the cost of having to replant new flowers every single year. Moreover, a perk for your tenants is that lavender repels bugs.


  • Choose To Plant Perennial Plants: Perennial plants will save you quite a bit of cost as you won’t have to go through the planting process for every single growing season. These plants will come back year after year to beautify the yards of your rental properties.


  • Add Some Grasses To The Land: Planting some grasses that grow in the climates in which you live can help add some different scenery to the yard without spending tons of money. Grasses are usually relatively inexpensive and will flourish if they grow naturally in your geographical region. Research which grasses grow well in your area and turn that into savings as you will spend less on watering and fertilizing than you would if you picked other plants to adorn your property.


  • Focus On Plants That Endure The Climate: When selecting plants for your rental homes, focus on plants are meant to endure the specific climates in which you are living. For example, if you live in a hot, dry climate consider plants that don’t need a lot of water. If you are in a tropical climate where you get heavy rains, choose plants that can withstand the heavier amounts of precipitation.


  • Incorporate Pots Into Landscaping: Potting plants helps avoid the growth of extra weeds and also adds some color and decoration as well as variation to the landscape in the home’s yard. Seasonal flowers can be planted in pots and thrown away or used as compost at the end of the season. Pots can also be used on patios or porches to help spruce up the entertaining spaces throughout the home where having a mulch bed isn’t possible. Save the pot to keep using the same pot over season after season to save money and avoid having to buy more pots every time you plant new flowers.

These are just a few great, relatively inexpensive landscaping ideas that will help make your rental home look warm, welcoming, and inviting to potential tenants. Increasing curb appeal with perennial plants ensures that the plants come back year after year and you will save money not having to replant landscapes every single growing season. A fresh coat of mulch and some flowers for the pots on the property will provide your tenants with a new, relatively inexpensive landscape that looks updated and new, which can help you get top dollar for your rental home.

For more information on making the landscape at your rental home appealing and attractive without overspending please feel free to contact us.

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