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This is the flow that you should use for a typical property management sales call

Being on the receiving end of a bad sales call isn’t a complete waste of time—it usually helps you decide not to purchase. Of course, as the person making the sales call, that’s the last thing you want. This is why it’s essential to learn how to run a sales call so that every contact you make stands the best possible chance of resulting in a new client. The prospect may decide to go in another direction, but don’t let it be because you can’t make an effective sales call.

Property Manager on sales call

Here are the steps you need to follow to run a sales call:

Nail the Introduction

“Hi, this is ____ from ____.” Your introduction should set the tone for the entire call: friendly, upbeat, and easy-going. Try starting “all sales calls with a bang” by including a positive comment: a fun story, exciting weekend plans, or even a pleasantry about the weather.

Share the Itinerary

“I’m calling because….” Tell your prospect exactly why you’re on the phone and what you’re planning to talk about. This itinerary is something you should write down before you ever pick up the phone. Prioritize the topics and intend to keep the conversation as short as possible (without being rude or failing to discuss everything you need to discuss, of course)—everyone has a full agenda and will appreciate your ability to keep it quick and thorough.

Recap the Last Call (If Applicable)

“Last time we chatted, we talked about….” This brings context to the current call—as well as, potentially, a reminder to the prospect about why you’re calling. 

Stick to the Itinerary

“Next, you were wondering about….” This will help you seem professional and it will help the conversation move smoothly from topic to topic. However, this article suggests dealing with any kickback or objections as they come up: don’t wait until the end or expect it to resolve itself. If the prospect has a question or concern, he or she might not even hear anything else you have to say until he or she is reassured on that point. If you can’t overcome that objection, you probably won’t make the sale, anyway.

Answer Questions

“Do you have any questions?” After you’ve completed your itinerary, open the line to additional questions or concerns. If you’ve done your research on the prospect, you may already be expecting certain questions to arise—which means you can be prepared with the answers, too. Let them know they can contact you anytime if they think of something else.

Schedule the Next Meeting

“Let’s talk again next week after you’ve had time to review this with your business partners; what time works for you?” This is like the call-to-action at the end of an email. What do you want the prospect to do next? Make sure you make a plan for that to happen: schedule a time for a call, meeting, or whatever next step is required in the process.

BONUS: Follow Up

“Thanks for chatting with me today!” The follow-up email is a great way to remind your prospect that he or she intended to take action in some way. We suggest making sure your follow-up email has a purpose—and that you make that purpose clear. You might ask for more information about something, offer additional information about something, remind the prospect about your next meeting, or simply say thank you.

Learning how to run a sales call is a bit of an art, and you’ll continue to improve with practice. Fortunately, when you partner with, you receive hands-on training, ongoing support and education, a marketing strategy, and killer email marketing templates to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about the property management business and how we can help you learn to run a sales call—and so much more.

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