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This is how to use social media to grow your property management business

Social media is a great promotional vehicle. It’s relatively inexpensive and the overwhelming majority of Americans use it. In the U.S. alone, 77% of the population participates in some form of social media. That makes it a great avenue for property managers to use to get in front of their target audience.

One of the most important aspects of being a property manager is establishing lines of communication with any future or current tenants or especially landlords. For current clients, you’ll want to communicate to hear how you’re doing. For future ones, you want to highlight the great things you do to attract more of them. This is where socail media can pay a huge role in your success.

You should take advantage of social media to promote yourself and communicate effectively online.  In this post, we’ll look at five ways you can use social media for property management and how it will help you grow your business. 

1. Take Your Future Tenants on a Virtual Tour

Using Instagram – a mainly visual social media network – you should post great pictures or short video clips of your property. These will serve as an online business card for your services to both prospective renters and homeowners. If you have the budget, have professional photos taken that place your property in the most flattering light possible to really make this strategy pop. 

This is why social media for property management is a tremendously effective marketing tool. Many future tenants doing their due diligence will check a property management company’s social media presence before anything else to observe the property and other offerings. Putting your best foot forward online creates a good impression for anyone looking to set up a walkthrough or use your company to rent their home. 

2. Highlight Your Management Services

You put in a lot of effort to offer high-quality, reliable property management service. 

Using social media is a great opportunity to promote what sets you apart from other property managers in the area. Whatever it is about your service that makes you stand out, showcase that on social media, you can leverage these posts to connect with prospective new business. Try to post pictures of you in action, managing the property that can help prospective homeowners see the value you offer. Or you can call out other great aspects of your properties listed like, beautiful landscaping or plentiful amenities for the next lucky qualified tenant.

This is also a great way to show future clients why they need a property manager

3. Gather Feedback

Being an effective property manager means listening to constructive criticism and improving your services where you can. 

The best way to improve is by listening to your tenants and homeowners. Create a social network site for your tenants through a forum such as Facebook. Ask them to leave comments. Use these notes to improve your business pratices and keep every relationship running smoothly. 

One caveat is that you should keep the settings of any tenant Facebook groups to private – while there’s value in observing any criticism, you don’t necessarily want it made public for others to see. This is a big tip that most neglect from their social media strategy. 

One other benefit of gathering feedback online? It allows you to hear about all the things you’ve done well, and the things that customers or tenants want to see out of you in the future, such as other services.

4. User Testimonials

Showing off your property is a great start but letting your audience hear from your current tenants and homeowners is another way to strengthen your compinies value proposition and make your sales process that much easier. 

Social media is also a great place to let your most satisfied customers leave their great reviews of your management services. Post Twitter and Facebook posts with quotes from your happy tenants. Future clients will see this and associate you with excellent service that they know that you can offer. 

5. Attract New Talent for your business

As your business grows, you may need help in a number of areas. Maybe you need assistance with administration, landscaping, or other general management duties. Social media can turn into an asset for your business to recruit for those positions. This will actually save you money and you wont be paying for job listing services.

Having a strong presence online helps you attract the best candidates. Using a business-oriented network such as LinkedIn can put your message in front of young and experienced professionals alike who have the skill set your business needs to move to the next level. That high level tallent is key to the uiltimate growth of your business.

Due to its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and potentially high return on your marketing investment, it’s a no-brainer to use social media for your property management business. It helps you optimize your reputation by showcasing your strengths while also providing a forum to hear opportunities for improvement and areas of growth for your business.

At Property Management Pros, we offer competitively priced property management licences and great tips on running your property management like these.

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