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Six Steps to Effectively Working Leads Through Your Sales Funnel

When your job relies on turning leads into sales, the process of actually working those individuals through your sales funnel can feel overwhelming. Your success in the industry is entirely reliant on how much time and effort you put into crafting lead generation and management techniques– it’s understandable that the process can seem intimidating to some.

Fortunately, there are six simple steps you can take from initial contact through making a sale that help boost your shot at success. You’ll need to work hard to form genuine connections and start molding your leads into qualified property management gurus, but the job is far from impossible. 

Six Steps to Working Leads Through Your Sales Funnel

1. Get connected with your sales prospect

This goes without saying– it’s difficult to start pushing leads further down the sales funnel if you haven’t even connected with them yet!

Outside of the obvious need to make contact, you should also be working to form genuine connections with your leads. Select your means for initial outreach carefully– numerous factors can influence how, where, and when it’s best to get in touch with a lead. If you have intrigued parties fill out a form online or in person, consider asking them how they’d like to be contacted and when the best time to reach them is.

Once you get talking, you’ll need to worry about what it is you’re saying. Focus all of your energy on a lead when you speak to them; people can tell when your mind is wandering elsewhere, and it comes across as unprofessional and rude. You should be working hard to create meaningful and lasting relationships with sales prospects.

2. Get Them Qualified

In some cases, you may wind up with leads who have already taken the steps to get qualified for the job on their own terms. Your job in these cases is pretty simple– in fact, you get to skip this step!

The majority of leads won’t know where to start with racking up qualifications, though. Since you’re the one who pulled them into the fringes of the industry, it’s your job to serve as a temporary mentor and direct them when it comes to the steps they should be taking to prepare for work. Give actionable pointers and offer references for the most streamlined route to qualification. 

3. Discover Their Needs

Nobody ever made a sale without their client experiencing some perceived need. Sometimes, you need to create or highlight these needs yourself– other times, your leads will already know what needs solving.

Regardless, it’s your job to pinpoint the needs of your future clients and start offering hard evidence that you can provide them with a solution. You should never lie or exaggerate during this process- being genuine, honest, and forthcoming goes a long way in establishing trust. 

4. Talk Strategy

Get your leads excited and invested in the opportunities you’re about to give them access to. You should have a clear, concise plan in place for pulling them into the fold and getting them integrated into the property management experience. If you don’t have any strategic insights or plans to offer your leads, your position as a knowledgeable authority figure begins to slip quickly. 

5. Solve Their Problem

Those needs and solutions we talked about earlier? This is where you need to start advocating for them much more strongly.

Prove that what you have to offer is the ideal solution to whatever problem your leads might be experiencing. Are they struggling in their current field and need a more flexible, lucrative career? Great! Tell them all about how more than a third of US homes are renter-occupied or that almost 90% of property managers increase their rental rates over the course of a year

6. Eliminate Objections

If you’re a true professional in your field, you should be confident enough in the sector and in your knowledge to refute just about any objection that comes your way. Never lie to prove your point– the web exists and it’s easy to find holes in stories.

Focus on being open and honest as you leverage persuasion to lead clients further down the sales funnel. Cite meaningful, exciting statistics; speak about the opportunities that property management offers today’s busy working professional. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to build an effective sales strategy for a property management business, get in touch with our team today. Our team will be glad to speak to you about your concerns and goals moving forward in the business. Those who are interested can also download our killer sales email templates designed specifically for professional property managers. 

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