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Less is More: 3 Tips to Improve Sales Email Response Rates

Email is a key element in your sales process. You probably touch base with prospects via email numerous times before you close a sale—or lose the sale. Of course, one of the primary challenges of using email or any other form of communication is getting a response. Your prospects are busy, indecisive, or maybe even just avoiding you. 

It can be tempting to include a lot of information in your emails; after all, you have a lot to offer! However, keeping your emails short and sweet may improve sales email response rates and allow you to keep that line of communication open. This is why—and how to do it:

Keep It Under 300 Words

Everyone is busy these days. Long emails will either get skipped (the readers may tell themselves they’ll get to it later when they have time…but they never do) or get skimmed. Either way, some of that valuable information you provided is lost. And people tend to forget things: even though we have possibly limitless long-term memory, our short-term memory can only handle a few items at a time. You might assume your reader already has one or two of those items in his or her brain. If you contribute much more than that, you’re practically asking that person to forget all about it.

The Solution: Keep your email direct and to the point. This post suggests pointing out these four pieces of information:

  • Who you are
  • What you want
  • Why you want it (or why it’s important for them)
  • When you want it

After you write your email, re-read it. Could you remove some words? Are you being direct and specific about the action you want the reader to take?

Ask Questions

Asking questions shows you’re interested in the other person, and it offers an opportunity for you to gather information that may help you close the deal. The questions you ask depend upon which part of the sales process you’re in, but using the right questions in your email encourages a response.

Questions You Might Want to Ask: What was your experience with your last property management company? What was most difficult about managing the property on your own? When do you need to make a decision on this? Is there anything getting in the way of making your decision? How can I best assist you in the decision-making process? What do you look for in a property management company? What would make us the ideal choice for you?

Send a “Break-Up” Email Before Moving on to Another Prospect

Endless emails (even short ones) to a prospect are a waste of your time—and theirs. If you’re not getting a response, it’s time for the break-up email, which is designed to kick-start the conversation or free you to move on to other prospects. HubSpot offers seven break-up email templates along with suggestions to keep it short, let them know you don’t want to bother them anymore, or tell them you’ll touch base in a few months.

This post outlines five elements you’ll want to include in your break-up email:

  • You’ve tried to help
  • They’re too busy or must have gone in another direction, so they never replied
  • You won’t bother them again
  • If they decide they need what you can offer, you’re still there for them
  • Your contact information

Quick Tip: Stay positive and avoid being accusatory. Keep the break-up email light-hearted and professional.

Tracking your email templates and response rates will give you a clearer idea of what works—and what doesn’t. When you partner with Property Management Pros, you have access to a proven email marketing plan to make sure your emails have the greatest impact. Contact us if you have any questions about becoming a property manager and how we can help you with email marketing.

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