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How to Set client expectations and make them happy!

Most of the best sales professionals will say the key to closing sales and creating happy clients lies in properly setting the delivery expectations prior to closing the deal. While that is definitely important, it’s not enough to sell your prospects on what they can expect to enjoy when partnering with you. To truly make customers happy and embrace your role as a property management service, you’ll want to be thorough on all aspects of what your clients will experience in working with you.

Here are a few critical areas that you’ll want to discuss with your prospects before you convert, for long term business relationship success and great client retention.

Share the process that you use with current clients

It’s important to discuss with your prospects how you currently manage your existing clients and how your best clients interact with your business. In doing so, you not only set the expectation of what working with you will be like for the client, but you also are inadvertently showcasing soft testimonials that bolster your credibility with the prospect. Talking about what your current clients enjoy about your service, reinforces that partnering with you is a favorable decision. It also offers conversational opportunities for your prospects to align their needs with those services you offer.

Be accurate & precise about timelines

Many client relationships have fallen due to an improperly managed expectations of timelines. Your prospects will need to understand, before becoming a client, not only what you offer, but when you deliver on your various services. Discuss specifically your communication timeline, your plans for tenants, plans for maintenance, and contingency planning timelines as well. Be authentic and realistic about how and when you plan to execute each phase of your service offerings. Be mindful that you aren’t over-promising deadlines and ultimately setting yourself up for the potential to under deliver.

Outline client responsibilities

Remember, in closing a new client, you’re engaging in a business partnership what that client. Describe to your prospects what the most productive business partnerships look like with you. This means you’re not the only party responsible for contributing to the success of the agreement. Your client will have responsibility for certain duties, decision making timelines and communication as well. Teach your prospects precisely what they can do to ensure the lucrative and long term partnership, that you’re both hoping to achieve.

Shortlist what you plan to manage

You may feel you’ve discussed at length all the services you plan to manage. However, don’t assume that your prospect remembers the various conversations of the past, or understands your service deliverables. Before conversion to client status, craft a short list of the specific areas you will manage. Layout and discuss the details of those solutions you plan to provide. This will set the client relationship expectation for which tasks the client can hold you accountable. This is a great time to revisit previously discussed short, mid and long term goals and how you plan to execute on those goals.

Discuss what you don’t manage

It’s equally important to shortlist those areas you will not be managing as part of your service offering. With a variety of property management services on the market, you’ll want to clear the air of any service misunderstandings, prior to client engagement. In doing so, you present the opportunity for additional questions or discussions and remove any assumptions of management tasks you don’t plan to manage. You can, in turn, be a valuable partner with suggestions and insight on how your client can handle those tasks you don’t intend to offer.

To indeed make your clients happy, remember to have the discussion of expectations prior to converting them as clients. You are laying the foundation for the ideal, long-term business relationship and establishing the guidelines for which to abide to achieve success. For amazing templates, on how to send great emails to your prospects, check out our free download below!

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