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Heres Why Being A Landlord Is NOT That Difficult…

Being A Landlord Is NOT That Difficult:

Many people think that being a landlord is a never-ending nightmare with clients constantly calling to complain that something is broken or that the grounds are not kept up nicely enough to meet their unreasonable standards. Others imagine that the logistics of keeping track of all the properties you own would be enough to stress anyone out. However, the truth is that being a landlord does NOT have to be nearly as difficult of a job as people think it is.

The solution? A quality property management service.

The Benefits of Property Management Services:

Many people will think of property management services as an unnecessary expense that most landlords will not be able to afford. However, the contrary is actually the truth. The average property management system is really not all that expensive for the return it gives to you as a landlord. Along with some time to do the proper research as to what each property management system offers, the property management system you employ will require you to pay a small part of your rental revenue to them in exchange for using their services.

However, the benefits that come from using such a service are easily worth a small fraction of your rental revenue to help make your life as a landlord much easier and cheaper than it would be if you were to try to hire people to manage all of the functions of your business manually.

The following are some of the great benefits that a property management system will provide you as a landlord:

  • Screening Out Problem Clients: These systems will help improve your tenant screening process to ensure that you are getting higher quality tenants which will help limit your expenses in repairs to your properties once they leave at the end of their lease.


  • Fewer Costly Legal Problems: These programs can help you handle legal situations that can help you avoid unnecessary lawsuits for issues such as safety conditions of your properties, eviction issues, required inspections, terminating leases, handling security deposits, and collecting rental payments.


  • Shorter Vacancy Cycles: These programs will help you find new tenants to fill vacant homes faster than you would if you just waited someone to contact you to express interest in the home. These programs can also help a landlord determine the optimal rent rate so there is no money being lost, but the rent is not higher than what the property is really worth. Appropriate pricing for your rentals will help you get tenants to fill them faster than you would if people aren’t getting what they pay for. It also helps you from losing profits by under-pricing your rental units and not getting the money that the unit is worth.


  • Assistance With Taxes: These programs can help you with filing property taxes for each home you are renting and help make sure you are paying what you owe. This helps you stay in good standing with the local authorities and avoid issues such as liens on the properties which you own.


  • Lowers Maintenance Costs & Repairs: These programs help you manage reports of items that need fixing or maintenance work done to them. These programs can also recommend people to help with common maintenance needs around your homes such as plumbers and electricians or even people who provide lawn care and landscaping services.


  • More Freedom & Less Stress: Moreover, there are many of these programs that provide landlords with a way to remain connected with their properties, tenants, and work without requiring them to be onsite 24/7/365. A lot of these apps also help notify the landlord when things need done, while letting them go and do other things in the meantime. Handling your business over the phone or through emailing others can help you spend more quality time with your family and do other things you enjoy while also still being an attentive, caring landlord that makes tenants happy.

Property management services can provide you all of these benefits as a landlord. They are basically like your own virtual assistant to ensure that things are done on time and properly while also letting you have more of freedom and personal time than you would if you had to go follow up with every single thing that needs done personally and in person.

Property Management Services Are Affordable:

Moreover, many landlords think that these property management services are overpriced and not affordable to the average landlord. That is simply not true as many of these programs are affordable for landlords and the amount of freedom they will give you in return isn’t something you can put a price on. Having that assistance and the ability to live your own life while maintaining your properties in the process is something that every landlord dreams of. These programs make being a landlord so much easier that it will make it worth your time and investment.

Please feel free to contact us here at Property Management Pros for more information and to help you get set up with your new property management services today. Then you can see for yourself that being a landlord is NOT that hard after all!

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