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1 If the thought of owning your own successful property management business appeals to you, then fill out our form to receive your PMP Ownership Kit.

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4 Roll up your sleeves, plaster on a smile and get to work!

If you are Serious about becoming a Property Management Pros Licensee and owning your own business, Please submit your Contact Info below and we will send you your PMP Ownership Kit and set up a 1 on 1 Virtual Meeting.

The Ideal Owner

Real Estate Experience

Combining your experience with our License, Knowledge, and Tools will enable you to develop a Profitable Property Management Company. Even though it is not required that you have experience in Real Estate, we do greatly encourage it.

Capital to Invest in your Business

You should be prepared to invest $10,000 to $60,000 in your business in the first year.
(Depending on the size of your desired Market).

As a realistic potential business owner, you should be prepared to invest an additional $1200 to $4500 per month for: Operations, Business Systems, Marketing & Advertising, Acquisitions, and Growing your Business!

Property Management Team

An Entrepreneurial Mind Set

Whether you’re selling Lemonade on the sidewalk or acquiring Management Properties, you have to enjoy what you’re doing and want to make your business successful. A little hard work goes a long way!

Available Markets

Franchise Location Map

Featured Markets

The Following Markets are ones that we have gathered extensive data on, and received multiple Property Management Inquiries.

Denver, Colorado
Houston, Texas
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
St. Louis, Missouri

All Available Markets

For a list of all available markets please visit this link: Available Markets. Many Markets are still being researched and may not be listed. However, you have the opportunity to own a Property Management Pros Business in every state but New York at this time.

We are currently operating in 29+ Locations across the United States.

What’s Included

Opening your own Property Management Business is a breeze when you decide to partner with Property Management Pros. Take a look at just a few of the tools that could enable you to succeed and grow your business.

National Brand Recognition is the Most Recognized Property Management License in the Country! You are only as good as your reputation,and luckily you get to use ours.

Marketing Tools with Real Results

We have a proven track record of effective marketing that has placed us at the top of the Industry. We can show you how to market your business locally and give you all the tools that will help you dominate your market.


Customized Website


Access effective tools


Unmatched Email Marketing


Powerful Guerrilla Marketing Materials


Proprietary Follow Up System

Training & Support

You can’t learn Property Management just by reading a book and watching seminars. Get Real experience and training from experienced Leaders in the industry and at the Property Management Pros Corporate Headquarters.


Hands-On Training


PMP Online Learning Center


Online Web Conferences


1 on 1 Training Sessions

Business Management

All of the marketing and training in the world is useless if you don’t have solid management and operation systems in place. We’ll help you with that too.


Industry Specific Management Software


Universal Communication System


Document and Form Templates

To receive detailed Information regarding the optional features and benefits that are included in Property Management Pros Ownership, Please fill out the form below and we will send you a complete ‘PMP Ownership Kit’

Why We’re the Best Choice

Internet Marketing Gurus

We’re Internet Marketing Gurus.

We understand the Major role that the Internet plays in acquiring new customers and effectively grow your business, which is why we can offer a Completely Web-Based System that allows you to work from anywhere. At Property Management Pros we can offer our Owners top-notch Internet technologies such as Online Bill pay for Tenants, Online Maintenance Request Forms, Bi-Weekly Webinars, Guerrilla Marketing Ads, Customizable Websites, and much more.


You Get Exclusive Rights to your Market.

Unlike our competitors, you will have the exclusive rights to your market. We only sell 1 license per market so you never have to worry about competing with another Property Management Pros Location.


No Royalty Fees

Pay Zero Royalty Fees. Zero Marketing Fees.

Why  should you be taxed on your Success? You never have to pay us a percentage of your profits or donate your hard earned money into a marketing slush fund.


We’re Experts in Tomorrow’s Property Management Market.

We Understand how Property Management integrates with the current economy. Our founder designed your business model as a direct replica of what they used to successfully propel into one of the fastest growing residential property management companies in the nation. Our systems, knowledge, experience, customer support, and ongoing training will allow you to quickly jump-start your business.


Control Your Franchise

You have Complete Control Over Your Business.

One of the many benefits of buying a Property Management Pros License versus a Competitors “Franchise” is that you have complete control over your business. There is no corporation dictating what you are “allowed” to do and using you as a guinea pig to test new ideas. Control your own pricing and marketing, and Manage your business your way. We can offer you a variety of tools to help you effectively grow your business. You have the choice of what you want to utilize.

About Us

The Franchise

A Turn Key Property Management Business

Property Management Pros is a Business Model similar to a Property Management Franchise (Our system is different and better!). We have a complete system that is designed to help you successfully establish a Property Management Company, and enables you to hit the ground running. Starting a new business or expanding a current one can be daunting, expensive, and time-consuming. We have focused on making the process much easier to accomplish and provide nearly every tool necessary allowing you to be successful and of course profitable. *You choose what tools you want and need.


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