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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Questions You May Have About Starting A Management Company

What is the Opportunity? allows you to use its National Brand to promote your business. We are rapidly expanding across the country and you could open your own location now!  We also offer an optional complete Turn Key System, that has been proven to work. We call it the Compound Marketing System. We offer many different options for you and your business. These are not required to open your own location.

The Compound Marketing System includes:

    • • Warm Leads Delivered to your Inbox
    • • SEO Charged Website
    • • Cutting Edge Management Software
    • • Value Added Profit Centers
  • • Beginning and On-going Training and Support

What’s the difference between a Franchise and a License?

When you buy a Franchise, the Franchisor has absolute control over your business. They will tell you how much you can charge, what products you must offer, and do things only “Their” way.
Franchise agreements normally will include a royalty (Percentage of Income) and additional expenses (National Advertising Fees).

When you buy a License, You have absolute control over your business. We don’t control Your price, Your product or How you will best make money for Yourself. There are ZERO Royalties or required donations from your profit.

Will I own a Specific Territory or Market?

Yes, you will own rights to your market exclusively. When you purchase a license for a market, such as Las Vegas, you Own the Entire Market. It’s not uncommon for other companies to sell multiple franchises in one market. That is not the case with us.

What type of Prior Experience do I need to have?

The Ideal Property Management Licensee partner would be a Real Estate Agent, Broker, Property Manager (or former) that is looking to add a powerful profit generating system to an existing or struggling Real Estate sales brokerage.

Another ideal licensee partner would be an existing Management Company looking for the tools and identity to get to the next level.

For the “Passive Investor” you can also hire Us to run a Company for you. We also have other investment type of opportunities, just ask!

Do I need a Real Estate License to Operate a Property Management License?

It depends….In most states, you must be a Licensed Real Estate Broker or Property Manager to
legally run a Property Management business. We can help you find out what your state requires.
Most of our licensees are Real Estate Agents, Brokers or Property Managers.

Check out this helpful link.

How much does a license Cost?

The Price of a license is determined by the size of your chosen market. A license can cost as little as $3,000 a year with a 3 year commitment.

Is Financing Available?

Absolutely! Financing is available directly from Get your business started with as little as $1,500 down!

May I call existing Licensee owners for more information?

Absolutely! We encourage it! As you go through the partner match process, that would be the time to talk to other like-minded licensee partners. Our partner match team will give you the contact information of licensees who have volunteered to make time in their busy schedules to speak with potential licensees and share their experiences about the Property Management systems!

How much Training & Support will I get as a licensee?

Support & training can start the day you sign your license agreement. You should then schedule a weekly trip to our corporate offices & training center in Columbus Ohio as soon as possible! You will train one on one with different specialists each day. You will gain invaluable experience during your time with our coaching team! After you return back to your market our coaching team will be available often and will be able to help you at all phases of your business. We can also offer bi-monthly brainstorming sessions with our licensees from all over the country as well as our Founder Greg Babbitt. Property Management also holds an annual conference for additional training and relationships building with one another. We also celebrate everyone’s success & accomplishments, while having some fun in between!

How do I get started?

Sign up below! Choose a market you would be interested in & tell us about yourself & your qualifications. Our Partner match team will then send you a Market Opportunity Projection. Once you purchase your license you could have the complete Compound Marketing System in place and start making money in as little as Ten Days…

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