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Meet Nick Papageorgiou & Chris Lee!

Nick Papageorgiou began his career in property management in early 2006 as part of a team managing more than 3000 units in San Francisco. He’s always been fascinated in the economics of the real estate market and after working in resident retention for a while he decided he wanted to master the art of the sale, taking a job as a leasing specialist for one of the largest Real Estate Investment Trusts on the West Coast. He quickly earned top recognition and sales awards and was promoted to the only Sr. Leasing Specialist in his portfolio, acting as a leader and mentor to his piers. After a short 6 months, he was promoted to a management position in the highly desirable Menlo Park, CA location. He has a knack for building and sustaining relationships, closing deals with with big names such as Facebook and Stanford University Housing.

Always looking for new challenges, he decided to start his own Property Management firm so that he could help investors maximize their profit while still providing top notch customer service to residents. “I wake up every morning excited that I have the opportunity to make someone smile. I love telling investors how much their investment is making and I love providing our residents with a place they can call home. I’m in the business of changing lives.”

Introducing: Chris Lee.

Chris got his first start in Bay Area real estate in 2004 with The Mark Company, one of San Francisco’s leading urban residential marketing and sales companies, as a key member of numerous sales teams specializing in high-density developments.

In 2007 he became a Sales Manager for Polaris Group (now known as Polaris Pacific) overseeing sales for a mixed-use development grossing over $70M in San Francisco.

With years of front-line sales experience in hand and hundreds of sales under his belt, Chris had the opportunity with Paradigm Real Estate Solutions to bring his expertise abroad in such places as Australia, Cancun, Hawai’i and several regions along the Western United States. At Paradigm, Chris managed a team of senior real estate professionals responsible for implementing proprietary CRM software and training sales teams at various high-rise developments and luxury resort communities.

When the housing market began to turn for the worse, Chris decided it was an opportune time to round out his skills by working as a Leasing Specialist for BRE, one of the country’s largest publically traded REIT’s. It is here at a 400+ unit community in thriving Foster City where he honed his property management skills and knowledge. Chris quickly learned that anything and everything happens when you combine 400+ apartments with 1,000+ residents and discovered the importance of providing people with a vibrant and flourishing home environment.

Away from work Chris can mostly be found spending quality time with his wife, Karyn, and daughter, Karyssa, or trying to squeeze in as many 49ers, Sharks, Giants and Warriors games as possible. Not to mention 18 holes here or there.

Help welcome them! Visit to learn more!

We finished 2013 strong, and we’re starting 2014 in style!


It was quite a month for Property Management Pros with a whopping 263 new leads, 34 new properties under management, and $7,990,000 of real estate listed for sale in December!

As if that weren’t enough for good news, we have more exciting things coming up: Join us February 22 – 28 for the NARPM Broker/Owner Retreat at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Look out Pittsburgh – There’s a new Pro in town!


We are pleased to be welcoming Basel Alloush into the Property Management Pros team, servicing the Greater Pittsburgh Metro Area! Basel received his Bachelors of Business Administration from Kent State University in 2002. He also has attained advanced degrees from Georgetown University and Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management. His professional career began with the United States House of Representatives and continued in both the private and public sectors until recently leaving Morgan Stanley to establish the Pittsburgh Property Management Pros office.

Basel has been involved in property management for many years. He has led development efforts in the greater Washington, DC area since 2003. Throughout his career, he has been committed to providing an exceptional and timely client experience. Specializing in single-family homes and condos in the Pittsburgh area, Basel and his his team are ready to take great care your Pittsburgh property!

Visit the Pittsburgh Property Management Pros website today to learn more about Property Management in the Pittsburgh area!


There’s still time to join the Pros in Beautiful St. Augustine!


 The Annual Owners Retreat held in St. Augustine, Florida is just one of the ways we like to reward and support our Property Management Pros licensees. It’s an awesome opportunity to gain vast industry knowledge, mingle with your fellow pros, and of course have a lot of fun.

Not yet a Property Management Pros licensee? Arr, that’s a shame. But it’s not too late to join!

Sign up by Feb 28 to join in on the fun in St. Augustine. Fill out the form below to learn more:

Generating Property Management Leads – Top 5 List!

Ok, so you’ve started your property management business, and you think to yourself, “Now what?” Now it’s time to start landing customers. But how? You know that you have to generate leads, the trick is finding the best ways to do it. Property owners aren’t exactly placing ads in newspapers or on the web for “Property Manager Needed,” and if there are any who do, it is certainly not enough to sustain a business. Luckily, there are some fool-proof methods to generate high-quality leads right to your inbox. Owners are in need of property managers. There are lots out there, and they are looking for you! Here are the best ways to make sure that they find you before they find someone else.

1. Make sure you have a professionally built, SEO-charged website! This seems like an obvious method, but you’d be surprised to learn how many property managers do not have a professional website, and furthermore, are towards the bottom of internet search results. It is a statistical fact that 75% of searchers do not go beyond the first page of an internet search. If you want to be noticed, you need to be at the top. This is absolutely the #1 method of lead generation, and will yield you some great results. To learn more about SEO, click HERE.

2. Establish a Social Media presence. These days, everyone is on Facebook and/or Twitter, and social media is only growing. You can create a Facebook and Twitter account for free. Have your contacts “Like” your page and “Follow” your Twitter feed, and watch it grow. This is a great form of free advertising that will generate some great leads for you.

3. NETWORK! While having a website and online presence are really how business is done in today’s market, there is still a need for face time. You do still need to “pound the pavement” to generate business. Find property owner groups, real estate groups, and even property manager groups and join them. Most of these groups have websites with a calendar of events. Make time to schedule some networking functions, and make sure that you have plenty of business cards. You will generate a lot of leads by simply marketing yourself during casual conversation at these events.

4. Attend Real Estate and Property Management Conferences. There are retreats for property managers, owners, and real estate agents through various groups. NARPM has regional as well as national conferences annually. Your smaller property management and real estate groups also may hold a monthly/quarterly/annual conference too. This is a great opportunity to not only learn a few things, but get your name out there.

5. Market yourself through Direct Mailers. Snail mail still works. Have a form online where people can request more information from you. You can also send mailers to people you have met during your networking events and conferences. It is important to create a lead tracking system, so that you can monitor your lead activity effectively and know who to send your mailers to.

-Greg Topps, contributing writer.

Protecting Yourself From Fraudulent Claims

Avoid Disaster     

     You know the drill. You have a tenant move into an apartment, and months later upon move out, they claim “the carpet had water damage already” or “there were holes in the walls and doors the day I moved in;” all this in an attempt to avoid costs and fees. I was once asked to refund a tenant $2000 for cleaning services, claiming that they moved into a filthy apartment. I was blind-sided, and unsure of how to respond. I ended up eating a month’s rent as consolation, not to mention I surely would end up covering the security deposit when they moved out. I wish I knew then what I know now… which is to have a property inspection done.

     Fraudulent claims happen all the time. A tenant will claim that something was broken or damaged when they moved in, just to avoid losing a month’s rent worth of security deposit. That is one huge reason why having a move-out and move-in inspection done is a must – simply to protect yourself from fraudulent claims. Those reports are invaluable in a potential fraudulent claims battle.

     I know that performing a property inspection is not the best part of being a landlord and/or property manager, but they are a necessary evil in this industry. It doesn’t have to be grueling, and it can become a regular part of better-business to make it a standard procedure. That’s where property inspection apps come in too, that can easily and digitally create and share inspection reports. And, by taking the hour or so to perform the inspection up front, you are saving yourself multiple hours of potential disaster later. Don’t be like the younger version of me, who operated his business on the belief that his tenants would always do right (considering it is usually their credit rating at risk).

     Do your property inspections, and save money in the long run…both in the wallet and in lawyer fees!

      “I swear it was like that when I moved in…” is no longer a thing.

By Greg Topps, Contributing Writer

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