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August was a Sweet Treat!

August 2013 Numbers


August’s Numbers were sure a Sweet Treat!  In August, 2013, Property Management Pros produced an astonishing 402 NEW leads for our licensees!  108 properties were placed under new management, and $11,395,000 in new real estate was listed for sale by our PMP Property Managers!  Are you craving a taste of that success?  Just fill out the form below and we’ll send you more information!

PMP Introduces a New Pro!

Bea Patterson_AugustinePressRelease

Property Management Pros is proud to introduce our newest Pro, Bea Patterson!

From Jacksonville, Florida, Bea has just opened up a new location in St. Augustine! Bea is a qualified Property Manager, who is ready to dominate the St. Augustine real estate market.  Bea and her team concentrate their efforts on the management of the nicer single-family homes and condos in the St. Augustine, Florida area.  With Bea and the Property Management Pros team, you can trust that your property is in good hands!

For more information on Property Management in St. Augustine, please visit:

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PMP Reflect

Do you know EXACTLY what happened to EVERY ONE of your leads last month? Or from 2 months ago?

Do you know what those prospects did? Did they sell? Did they rent?

How many of those prospects signed your property management agreement, or how many of them signed up with one of your competitors instead?  Do you want to know WHY exactly they didn’t  sign with you?

Property Management Pros Knows!


PMP Report


This past quarter, 9 separate markets have used PMP Reflect© to give them a detailed report of their lead activity, producing fantastic results! With a 17% completion rate, these markets using the valuable information from PMP Reflect© were able to determine the needs of homeowners in their market, and better cater to those needs. PMP Reflect© gives you the information you need to produce results!

Don’t just know how much you SPEND on lead generation….

Know EXACTLY what lead sources work, and where to put your advertising dollars!

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